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Before you go to Amare's website, it's important to read below how to order in Australia & how to get the extra added on bonus to support your mental wellness from me!


Happy Juice



Go to:

STEP 2 - Creating Your Account

  1. Click Login 

  2. Create your Customer Account

  3. Check or Change Account Market to Australia (this is really important!) 

  4. Were you referred to Amare: YES

  5. Referral ID No: 1689087Kylie Browne  - Body & Soul Unite should appear - (this is extremely important so that you get all the added on bonuses that I provide to support your mental wellness journey).

STEP 3 - Ordering Your "Happy Juice"

  1. Hover over SHOP

  2. Hover over Mental Wellness

  3. Click SHOP NOT FOR RESALE (right-hand side), here you leave your home market (Australian site) & visit Amare's Not For Resale United States market page

  4. Click on "Gut Health" or "Mental Wellness"

  5. Select "Build Your Pack" on the "Happy Juice Pack" (or product of choice)

  6. Select Edge & Energy+ flavour

  7. "Add to Cart"

  8. Purchase by "Subscribe & Save" (this gives you an extra 10% off & can be cancelled at any time, which is easy to do!) - Instructions will be sent to you for this.

  9. Add applicable promo code 1689087 (this gives you another $10 OFF from me)

  10. Checkout

Note: Please remember the NFR is in US$

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